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Welcome to the unknown world !!

Posted: December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

My blog is about the god,about the spiritual research,about the prayer and also about the sixth sense experienced by the person. This blog is for those who are  actually in the dark.

I have not made this blog for professional purpose and I am not earning any type of reward from this blog but I am just giving  information to people.

So, If you  wish to continue reading then welcome to my blog else thanks for your time.

Copyright protected materials are also uploaded here but my intention isn’t wrong so those who feel that their articles or materials are here please let me allow to give to  others…

Finally knowledge is wealth and no one can grab your knowledge whether you are rich or poor.

I request to all the audience to check this blog and keep updating your self and let’s enjoy the journey to the unknown !!                

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Shivam Purohit